8 Essential Blogger Hacks You Need To See Results

Do you want to make your blogger journey easier and much more successful?

I know for new bloggers, starting a blog can be hard! What to blog about? How many blog posts should I write in the beginning? How do I make money blogging?

The list of questions can go on and on but the one thing I know many bloggers lack – including myself – time to blog.

We never have enough time to blog!

Unless you can type incredibly fast, there is no way you alone can pump out content after content every day or every week.

And this is more real if you offer blog writing as a service. I do and with looming deadlines as well as having other blogs I write for, there is just no way I can do it all by myself.

But, you shouldn’t feel defeated quite yet! Why? Because if there is a way to cut time and create more, then why not find those ways and try them out?

What I’m getting at are blogger hacks.

These blogger tricks will allow you to see results in no time at all!

Before we dive into blogger hacks you can use right now, I’ll share the biggest problem with blogging and then go into ways to cut time when you write blog posts!

The Problem With Blogging

You start a blog and now reality sets in – thinking about writing a blog post every week or more isn’t sitting well with you.

Sure, you can pump out content for a while but life gets in the way or writer’s block sets in or you just lose interest. Been there, done that!

That’s why I feel the biggest problem bloggers face is investing time in their blog that can never seem to break even.

In other words, many bloggers are stuck figuring out how to make a profitable blog while also being able to give it their all.

I know I sometimes feel like this after doing this for many years. And I know for mom bloggers this is the BIGGEST problem we all face – time to do it all. Let’s fix that mama!

How to Cut Time With Blogger Hacks

When you start a blog, you’ll learn that you can either spend time or money to be successful. And, when you don’t have time to spare, you HAVE to invest in blogging.

I know it’s hard when your blog isn’t profitable, but if you invest a little here and there you will see a difference. Let’s look at these eight blogger hacks that will help you speed through blog writing and creating content for your business.

1. Use an SEO Tool

This blogger hack is a no-brainer. When you write blog posts, it’s important that the content you write will rank well in Google and other search engines for keywords related to your blog.

While this isn’t a hard fast rule as a beginner blogger (it’s better to guest post), understanding SEO and ranking is a good thing and using a tool to cut the time for finding keywords is even better.

To do this, use an SEO tool like Ahrefs or, if that’s not in your budget, use a free Chrome Extension called Keyword Surfer. You can see what words people type into search engines to help you write blog posts to attract them to your site.

This will help you see what keywords people search to find the content on your site and then, with some basic research, figure out a few more keywords that may be related to your niche or topic so you can add them to your posts as well!

Plus, it will help you figure out what blog posts to write next because when people search for your content and don’t find it, they won’t know that the information is on your site!

This blogger hack helps you cut time in two ways: by researching keywords related to your topic or niche as well as figuring out topics for future blog posts.

It doesn’t get any easier than this blogger tip!

2. Consider Outsourcing Blog Posts

This blogger hack is a little more complicated but you will save time in the long-run.

Sometimes you need help with writing or creating content. There is no shame in that.

For the longest time I wanted to do everything myself, but it just got too hard. I first hired an editor, then purchased an editing tool and then hired other bloggers and freelancers to help me with my blog content.

If you feel you are at this point, then consider outsourcing blog posts.

Hiring a freelance writer or virtual assistant can help with your blog and business, but I’ve found that hiring one to specifically work on my content cuts down time in two ways:

They’re able to save me hours per week by taking over the tedious tasks of editing posts and posts for my other sites
Coming up with post ideas and helping me brainstorm related topics when I have writer’s block

This blogger hack not only saves time (because they will be doing these things while I’m working on other aspects of running my business); it also speeds up blogging because now there are two people writing instead of just one!!  

You can either hire another blogger to write blog posts for your site or use outsourcing sites like Problogger, Upwork and Indeed.

The great thing about hiring someone else is that they’re already experienced bloggers who know how much work goes into writing a post.

It make take time to find someone you like and trust, but blogger hacks are all about cutting down the amount of hours it takes to blog.

If a freelance writer is able to write one post in less than an hour instead of two or more, then this blogger hack speeds up blog writing by 50% (or even 75%).

I’m sure many bloggers would rather spend money on outsourcing blog posts if it means they’re saving themselves hours per week, but I know this blogger hack isn’t for everyone!

You may need to invest in other ways for your blog like tools and courses first before you start a small team of freelancers!

But, just think about this: it doesn’t take long to get back what you spent hiring freelance writers – think ROI.

Hiring other freelance writers or bloggers saves your sanity too as well. You aren’t on the hamster wheel creating content week after week!

With outsourcing blog writing, you can focus on those ROI tasks like selling printables or making your first online course.

3. Use an AI Writing Assistant

Have you been hearing about AI writing assistants lately?

I know I have!

As a freelance writer, I need to be on the pulse of the latest trends in content marketing or digital marketing and AI is pushing hard!

But having an AI writing assistant can work for you as a blogger. It can be a little more expensive than outsourcing blog posts, take more time to learn the AI tools, but the ROI on this blogger hack pays off in just months!

So what AI writing tools do I like to use?

Grammarly is  an editing tool that catches all of my mistakes when I try to write blog posts fast. It would take me hours to read through my own work if I was able to catch every mistake so I’m glad to use Grammarly for my content and my client pieces.  
Marketmuse is something I recently discovered and it’s amazing. It helps you figure out what content to write for your blog based on the keywords that are trending so I’m not writing about topics no one is interested in. If my post isn’t ranking I just use Marketmuse to plug in more keywords and rank it higher.


Conversion.ai (Jarvis) is an AI writing assistant that speeds up your blog writing fast! You can pump out 1,000 word blog post in minutes or 2,000 word blog posts in under 30 minutes. One thing to note about using Jarvis is that you shouldn’t use this tool to write your entire blog post. You will end up with a very BLAND, BORING, and NOT CREDIBLE blog post with some repeating. At this time I’m using Jarvis to write this post, but I’m using about 25-30% of the content produced. The other 75-80% of content is all my writing. There is a bit of a learning curve to using Jarvis, but I enjoy this blogger hack for cutting time blogging!
4. Use Tailwind to Schedule Your Blog Posts

Are you using Tailwind?

You should! It’s a blogger’s best friend 🙂

I use Tailwind to grow my blog traffic on auto-pilot and it’s a blogger hack for you!

Tailwind saves me hours every week by automatically posting my content on Pinterest.

You can take advantage of Tailwind with its “Smart Queues” which will make your blog posts autopost at the best time possible so you get more traffic and leads in less than an hour!

Here is my Tailwind schedule for Twins Mommy.

It takes about 30 days for Tailwind to figure out the best times for you to post on Pinterest, so give it time.

For me, it frees up hours of my day from having to manually publish on social media or wait until later, all while making sure I’m posting on the days people are most active.

It’s too much for a new blogger!

5. Use Templates

It’s important for bloggers to use templates when they are able to, because it saves them from having to do other things like spending too much time on things they aren’t good at.

Using templates makes creation easier and faster by making all the details pre-filled in – this is perfect for people who have a lot on their mind or don’t want blogger tools but just need help with what they’re blogging about.

The blogger hack is simple to use – just download the template, open it in Word or Canva or Microsoft and start using them right away.

For example, to really grow on Pinterest you have to create a lot of fresh pins. Some bloggers create 10 pins per blog post! That’s a lot, right? Well, to help out bloggers, I created 52 Stylized Pinterest Templates for Canva!

You can also create templates in Google Docs or another document software to help you cut time with blog writing.

For example, you can create a blog post outline or blog post checklist when writing your next post because that can take up a lot of hours which are better spent making money with your blog.

When I first started Twins Mommy, I created a Blog Post Checklist to help me with blog writing and then I used it as a lead magnet freebie to grow my email list!

There’s also an added benefit of using templates: you will spend less time perfecting your posts while still getting good if you use a template. There is no thinking about it and you can just get in your zone when you use a template.

6. Create an Outline When You Write Blog Post

It’s important for bloggers to know what they’re blogging about before writing a blog post.

The topic you write about has to be helpful, valuable, and for most, converting for your audience. This is a tall order for a lot of new bloggers.

If you don’t do your research (SEO keywords, user intent, relevancy for your audience), it can lead to no one wanting or needing it which means you’ll be wasting time on something irrelevant and not getting money for all that time you took to write that post.

I recommend creating an outline when writing blog posts so the idea of your post has less room to change or mutate into something else while making sure you include all details needed in order to make each point clear plus including sub-points where applicable too!

This will help you with planning out your content beforehand as well as saving hours during editing time.

As a freelance writer, this is crucial to make sure I’m writing something my clients asked me to so I don’t go off into tangents when I’m writing.

So, to save time, think about your blog topic, your keywords and then write a blog outline so that you know exactly what you want to write about.

7. Use Funnels in Your Marketing Strategy

As a blogger, one thing you practically need is getting more leads in your funnels.

Wait – you aren’t using funnels?

A funnel is a system that walks a complete new reader of your blog down the road to convert them. This is the “buyer journey” many say but funnels can be used to turn a reader into a subscriber, or a Youtube watcher into a reader of your content.

Funnels will also help you make sure that the traffic coming from your blog post or social media post goes where they’re supposed to and not getting lost when they click on the link or go through an exit pop-up for example.

This is done by creating different groups of content around one promotional piece which helps with blogging faster because we all know how time consuming it can be!

So, for example, I can have an email welcome series that funnels new subscribers to my traffic course.

Similarly, I can create a lead magnet about SEO help and funnel those subscribers to my traffic course, focussing on the SEO module of that course.

In the beginning, though, focus on your traffic goals and getting those new readers to sign up your list and from there you can funnel them to future products!

8. Set a Timer for Social Media

Look –

I’m not the only one that can spend 30 minutes on Facebook or scroll on Instagram for 20 additional minutes or spend an hour looking at all the new Youtube videos for that day.

I have to carefully watch myself that I don’t let the morning get away when I check my Facebook groups or my social media profiles.

So, for this blogger hack, I set a timer for social media. 

I use this blogger tip when I’m on Twitter, Pinterest or on Instagram during work hours. I set a timer to 20 minutes for checking my social and then when the timer goes off I get back to work without feeling guilty.

I also may section out blocks in my schedule for social media. So for me, that might mean after I check my email I go and check my social profiles and I do that every day.

Blogger Hacks to Speed Up Blogging

I hope these blogger hacks can help you be productive as a new mom blogger!

Try these hacks out when writing content because it will make the process of blogging easier and faster for you.

That way, you can spend more time on what you love doing most: making content that’s interesting and engaging for your readers!

Over to you – do you have any blogger hacks to cut the time it takes to blog? Tell me in the comments!

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