6 Secrets On How To Create A Productive Work From Home Space

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, most companies now have their employees working from home. Except for workers who provide essential services, most employees are now experiencing what it is like doing their jobs remotely.

While the flexibility of a workday from home can be appealing, according to a Harvard Business Review research, people who work from home while following their usual office schedule get more done. Why? According to the employees, the quietness of their homes helped them to be more productive.

Working from home can boost productivity because you have the freedom to create your working space. In an office setting, you only have your desk to personalize and beautify. While at home, you have complete control of what your surroundings should look like.

At the office, your co-workers drop by your desk to chat or ask you out for lunch, keeping you from getting serious work done. At home, you are your greatest distraction enemy. Since no one is watching you, there is less pressure to be productive, and you can get lethargic.

So what is the best way to make home a productive work environment? This article will provide employees who are new to working from home with six secrets to creating a productive workspace at home.

1. Select An Office Space

If you have a spare room in your house or apartment, you can convert it into your workspace. If you don’t have an extra room, convert your utility space, garage, or attic into a private workspace. In truth, you can use any space in your home as your office, as long as that space is dedicated only to work.

Finally, ensure your location is well lit. Lighting has a significant impact on your emotional and physical well-being. Choose a combination of natural lights and ambient lights.

2. Get Necessary Equipment

The key items you need to work from home are a computer and fast internet. If you don’t have these items already, choose a laptop with a high processing speed within your budget, and get a Wi-Fi connection with a download speed that exceeds five megabytes per second.

For the best work experience, ensure you have a wireless mouse and keyboard. Get at least two monitors, as well as rechargeable batteries for your wireless devices.

You also need a table and chair to set up your office space. You may not have a perfect ergonomic chair already at home, so adding a small pillow or layering a blanket on an existing chair can aid lumbar support and add a little bit of softness. This is especially useful if you spend a lot of time sitting while working, like content writers on Online Writers Rating do.

If you often collaborate with your co-workers, get the necessary software to stay connected. Also, ensure you are saving your files and documents to the cloud so they are easily accessible.

3. Choose Your View

Place your desk in a position that faces a view you enjoy. If you have a picturesque or calming view out your window, positioning your desk to look out to this scenery is excellent to boost your productivity.

However, if your window faces a busy street or another home, it is best to position your desk to face inside. When you face into your office, you are in greater control of what you see and what distracts you. You can hang a picture on the wall you will face to offer you eye refreshment when you need to look away from your computer screen.

4. Add Plants And Scents To Your Workspace

Adding a plant can help you add fresh air to your workspace and offer your eyes a visually refreshing break from your computer screen. A cactus plant or succulent are good low maintenance options.

Adding a refreshing scent to your workspace can help you get more work done. Some essential oils have been proven to help boost your productivity while you work from home. A scent with peppermint, for example, can provide you with a boost of energy—other scents like rosemary aid concentration to get your tasks completed faster and more precisely. If you are struggling with anxiety, a sweet orange scent can help you overcome your fear.

5. Keep a tidy desk

You may not make a lot of progress if your desk is cluttered with too many papers, books, and pens. It helps if you kept your workspace as tidy as possible to keep your focus on your job. Keep necessary items within reach but out of the way. 

6. Create A Playlist

A playlist with music that motivates you, and allows you to focus, can completely change how productive you are. One option is soundtracks from video games that are designed to help you focus because they are usually lyric-free with accompanying instruments like violins. Studies have shown that having some form of music while you work offers your subconscious something to help tune out an occasional distraction like the sound of a closing door or the hum of your air conditioner.

Bottom line

You can become more productive while working from home if you furnish your workspace with all you need to stay focused and comfortable.

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