5 Skills Every Social Media Marketer Needs to Have on Their Resume

There are many jobs that have been created thanks to the
explosion of social media. One of the biggest jobs is
social media marketing
. This field is all about monetizing the
different posts appearing on social platforms. Skilled social media
marketers are able to drive conversation surrounding products and
build up followings for companies. These professionals are the ad
people of the future. Where once long sales letters dominated the
market, now folks are more interested in pithy social media posts
that can gain traction and go viral. There’s lots of money to be
made through social media, and having these skills show up on a
resume is vital for success.

In terms of what businesses are looking for out of social media
marketers, it’s more than just someone that’s able to show off

Facebook & Instagram keyboard shortcuts
. The person who is
an ideal social media marketer understands how to interact with
followers, provide relevant content. Social media marketers
essentially work 24/7 because there’s always something going on
with the brand. Being a dedicated social media marketer means being
dedicated to the customer experience and helping them get what they
need out of your product.

Here are 5 skills that successful social media marketers have on
their resume – and why employers like these skills.

Executing a Strategy

Great social media marketers walk into an interview with
examples on their resumes of social media strategies they’ve
executed along with the results. Whether the result is something
like increasing followers or increased clicks from posts, these
metrics need to be part of your presentation. Showing that you have
a strategy, what the strategy was and how your effective
implementation resulted in benefits for the company is something
that gets you ahead of the pack in the interview.

Most companies interviewing social media marketers don’t quite
know how to market via social media, so if you show that you have
developed successful strategies and explain your strategy for
building the social media platform for the company you’re
interviewing with, then you’ll definitely get a leg up on the

Managing Your Brand and Community

One thing that’s difficult for social media marketers to do is
not reply to every single time your company is getting some grief
in the mentions. The truth is a skilled social media manager
replies and engaged strategically. Show your interviewer how you
would do it. One of the best ways to show off this skill is
explaining how you use follower counts to determine who should be
responded to. 

Brand management is very important to keeping your business on
the right side of customers. Respond to all legit issues –
especially if the person has a high follower count. Make sure you
express empathy in a bad situation as well. One thing that is very
effective is being light-hearted with customers. A great example of
this is the Lawrence, KS police department. They have a funny
twitter page but at the same time are able to get information out
to folks with ease. 

Optimize Content

There are a variety of ways to do this, but again, you can
impress the person interviewing you with a strong command of
buzzwords like conversion percentage and click through rate. These
metrics provide valuable insight to see the patterns of people who
come to the site. Maybe there is something being done on social
media making it more attractive to folks. Whatever the reason, if
you are able to show the person you are interviewing with that your
social media strategy resulted in better brand engagement, that’s
how you optimize content.

Social media managers must understand how to pull quotes from
articles along with getting the right keyword saturation into
social media posts. This is the best way to showcase your skills at
making something go viral.

Employ Creativity

The worst social media is done by brands that are just serious
and staid the entire time. For some brands, this might be exactly
how the brand has always done business, and they are not willing to
change their paradigm. However, social media is begging for
creativity. If you can be creative and that gets a company’s name
out there in a way that didn’t happen before, that’s a
successful post. 

People respond to creativity very well. It’s always good to be
doing something different. Because social media is such a free
flowing place, creativity should also be balanced with pragmatism.
If being provocative is what your business is all about, then your
posts should have that same feel to them. Use hashtags and if
there’s something popular making its rounds on the internet, then
you should appropriate it. The key is making sure you don’t get
corny with things like that. 

Do Your Homework

The biggest reason that many social media marketers don’t
succeed in the position is because they are unable/unwilling to do
their homework. So, what is homework? It’s very simple, a social
media marketer should be able to talk about the different
publications that they are reading. This will help your interviewer
know that you are serious about the job and engaging in
professional development. 

Being up on the digital trends also allows you to get ahead of
competitors who are not doing everything they can do to prepare
their social media content. Imagine being ahead of the curve. At
this point, it is important to tell the person interviewing you
about how you’re a voracious consumer of social media marketing


When turning up for your interview for a position of Social
Media Marketer, you need to have not just theoretical skills but
examples of how those skills have paid off. When you are able to
show a bold strategy, talk about how it was executed, and then what
happened afterwards. Prospective bosses mostly don’t understand
social media, that’s why it is important to you to sell them on
how you can give them a positive revenue stream by embracing the

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