4 Ways to Level Up Your Linkedin Recruiting

linkedin recruiting

linkedin recruiting

The developments of the world pose new challenges before HR professionals all the time. What does not change is the necessity for a qualified workforce. Despite economic uncertainty in recent years, tech and digital companies continue to open positions and offer vacancies. In this regard, Linkedin has become a networking mecca for the business community. 

For recruiters and HR professionals, it is a place to post job positions and search for candidates, having their experience at the display. Thus, to get the best applicants, they should come up with top recruiting ideas that will attract talents to their companies. 

In this post, you will read about some valuable tips for recruiting on Linkedin.  


Recruiting on Linkedin: Ways to Overcome Challenges

How to recruit on Linkedin? To put it simply, one should create a personal or a company to post a job offer or write a candidate. In pursuing skilled employees, it is only one of the options. However, there are enough pitfalls behind this plan. 

In the case of candidate sourcing, the companies’ in-house professionals should proceed with the same actions repeating within the recruiting cycle. They involve searching for and connecting with different candidates.

Besides, candidates do not always respond as enough people are looking for jobs passively. For a recruiter, it means more time to hire a person and no assurances that they will be a match.

At the same time, many companies, around 42%, apply the ‘post-and-pray’ concept for tech recruiting on Linkedin. It contemplates presenting a post on the page so that work seekers could apply for it. Yet, such a plan requires HR professionals to improve the company profile, making it visible and appealing. 

Thus, whether a firm uses Linkedin for recruiting via post and pray strategy or candidate sourcing, there are ways to improve its efficiency.   

Make your and your company’s page a helping hand

One of the first tips for recruiting on Linkedin is about designing a decent profile. Why? It is your face on Linkedin. Consecutively, It is high time to fill all the gaps and provide enough description. 

There are two ways to improve the trust of your post and vacancy. Firstly, you should update your profile and look more professional. It is concerned with adding a photo related to your company, designing a bio and headline. Notably, just mentioning your position may not be enough. Thus, try adding the sphere you are targeting. 

Simultaneously, details play a part. Therefore, make your bio and headline related to the job positions you are sourcing, at least in terms of keywords. If you are an active Linkedin user and post news or share articles, this can contribute as well.

Secondly, a company’s page is another area contributing to the higher engagement with the candidates. If you want them to apply for your vacancy, it is better to improve the company page. The better it looks, the better perception of you the potential employee would have. Creating a Show Page can be a solution. However, you may need some help from marketing as that refers to employee branding. 

That is the reason to start with your company page. You can offer its description and share values. Make sure that all of the sections are filled, including “Life” and “People”. They are likely to improve the image of the company by portraying corporate culture.

Knock until doors are opened

This tip sounds like a motto but it can be beneficial for sourcing a certain type of candidates. There is a group of Linkedin users who are looking for jobs passively. What does it mean? They are either employed, freelancing or having a break. If you need to fill a position and have some time, the passive candidates are usually what you need. What are recruiting ideas in this regard? 

Linkedin has an InMal function, allowing the recruiter to write other members directly to the email via the platform. However, there is the Linkedin policy, setting the limit for the number of them and making warnings depending on the response rate. 

One may consider it as an anti-spam feature, while with the passive candidates, it may be an issue. Consecutively, a recruiter should prioritise whom and what to write for keeping the response rate high. 

Imagine that you find a possible top match for an important position. You have sent the InMail as well as an invitation to connect. Yet, there is no answer which is frustrating. 

Interestingly, a Linkedin recruiter tool can facilitate you in getting the response. Some recruiters use email finders or browser extensions for extracting the emails and writing directly to the contact’s emails. For recruiters who source top candidates, it can save efforts and money. 

One should remember not to be pushy, as everyone favors personal privacy. Knocking the inbox door to follow-up may be a good idea, but use it wisely so that there was no backfire on your reputation.

Design your message right

Communication plays a crucial part in getting the candidate interested in the job. It doesn’t matter whether you answer the candidate’s application or encourage them to apply; the message’s clarity is vital. 

Interestingly, only 5% of recruiters agree that job postings demonstrate actual demands for the position. It may be the reason for further issues in the interview stages. They may refer to wrong expectations, lack of proficiency, or motivation of the potential candidate. In the end, it costs recruiters their time and efforts.

Simultaneously, tech recruiting on Linkedin is about using the correct terms and ensuring you speak with a candidate the same language. Accordingly, using InMail for a long explanation can be challenging as it has limitations for each message. Besides, no one likes long reads nowadays.

What are the tips for recruiting on Linkedin in this case? Before all, be clear and concise. You can put your name in the subject line and shorten your intro. The reason is that a candidate can always click on your profile for more. 

Besides, do not use templates. If you want a response, try to design a more personal message. One can refer to connections, skills, or works in the portfolio and connect them to the open position. You may compliment their work, but be specific. Generic phrases may not work. 

Lastly, you can add some news or links to the message, leading to your company profile. It will present the values of the company and increase the visits of company profiles. In its turn, such a move can improve the visibility of your company and its jobs in Linkedin search.

Manage Your Time 

Using LinkedIn for recruiting may need a lot of time, especially if communication is an integral part. As everyone has different time schedules, answering applicants all the time can be a distracting factor. The more candidates you have, the more difficult it may be to cope with all of the messages. In this regard, there is no Linkedin recruiting tool, but a habit you can develop. 

To minimize distraction, one can turn off notifications and manage their time. In particular, devoting a specific period of the day to responding to candidates is an option. It may be the first hour of the working day, or the last one, or every two hours. Some consider that answering at the end of every working hour is the best option. Nevertheless, the main goal of this strategy practice is to provide quality answers. 

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