3D Printed Prosthetics for Dogs Developed by Veterinary Student

There’s no scarcity of stories in which 3D printing is utilized to assist animals —– which’s a good idea! From wild birds and tortoises to working animals and family pets like felines and pet dogs , it appears as though the rate at which additive production is being embraced for animal care is gradually increasing. The most recent case originates from a fifth-year veterinary medication trainee at Wrocłł aw University of Environmental and Life Sciences in Poland.

In his last year at university and with an enthusiasm for animal orthopedics, Maciej Szczepańń ski is utilizing the Zortrax Inventure 3D printer to produce custom-made prostheses for handicapped animals. While taking part in orthopedic surgical treatments and learning more about numerous techniques of assisting maimed animals, he found that animal prosthetics are far more typical in the United States than in his house nation, and wished to throw down the gauntlet. As the trainee found out, 3D printing appeared to provide higher versatility and lower production expenses compared to conventional methods.

Maciej Szczepańń ski with among his family pet clients.

” When I understood that developing prostheses for animals is still a specific niche in Poland, I chose that I would concentrate on veterinary prosthetics,” Szczepańń ski stated in a Zortrax news release. “Gathering products on the topic of animal prostheses was not a simple job and it took me a long period of time due to the percentage of info readily available on the topic. When I lastly was successful, I set myself an objective to produce a minimum of 2 prostheses for 2 various cases.”

Szczepańń ski contracted out the next actions of his task in the beginning, however that altered as soon as he got the compact Inventure printer from Polish 3D printing options company Zortrax, and he chose to print the prostheses and test out different options on his own.

” The plethora of 3D printing applications shows how dynamically this market is establishing. In our work, we see numerous tasks utilizing our 3D printers that make a genuine effect. We constantly attempt to support those efforts and ingenious concepts which fix major issues,” stated Natalia Jusiak, Head of Marketing at Zortrax. “When we found out the story of Mr. Szczepańń ski, whose objective is to assist maimed animals, we chose to support his job. We enjoy to be a part of it and we are happy that our printer has actually brought concrete advantages to the imaginative procedure.”

3D printing procedure carried out by Szczepańń ski on his Zortrax Inventure.


In order to produce prostheses customized to a particular animal, Szczepańń ski learns more about his family pet clients initially, and the very first 2 were canines Sonia, who was struck by a vehicle and lost part of her back paw, and Leto, whose front paw was harmed by a train. He takes measurements, consisting of the length and area of the missing out on limb, and then utilizes alginate to make an impression of the stump. The imprint is filled with an unique ceramic plaster to produce a cast, and after that Szczepańń ski takes a 3D scan of the cast, in order to produce a digital 3D design.

” All I need to do later on is 3D print the model on my Zortrax Inventure, that makes my work substantially simpler, as I can print on the area and inspect if my presumptions are appropriate,” Szczepańń ski described in a Zortrax post , pointing out that the absence of print outsourcing likewise conserves money and time and makes the work far more effective.

A completed 3D print.

Having his own 3D printer permits him to evaluate various levels of infill density in order to examine the sturdiness of the printed models, prior to he finishes the last prosthesis, which is nearly totally printed on the desktop Inventure and consists of a socket to hold the pet dog’s stump and a part that really is available in contact with the ground while the pet is strolling.

” For the socket, I select the strong infill choice, whereas the ““ foot ” has somewhat above typical infill density,” Szczepańń ski stated, keeping in mind that he likewise utilizes the Hybrid Support alternative throughout dual-extrusion printing. “I leave the remainder of the settings designated in Z-SUITE by default.”

Print settings Szczepańń ski selected in Z-SUITE while preparing the apply for 3D printing.

The prostheses are printed utilizing Z-SUPPORT Premium , Z-ULTRAT , and Z-PETG , which Szczepańń ski states is” especially beneficial” in this application due to the fact that it has high resistance to tear and use. When 3D printing is total, the design enters into the Zortrax DSS Station to liquify the assistance structures, and after that he screws the 3 parts together, including a layer of fabric inside the socket for convenience.

Post-processing carried out in the Zortrax DSS Station.

3D printed aspects of a canine’’ s prosthesis prior to assembly

The Zortrax Inventure was Szczepańń ski’s very first experience with a 3D printer, and he stated it was extremely simple to utilize in developing personalized animal prostheses, kept expenses down, and allowed a production time of 3 days from start to providing the gadget to the animal. Mentioning the family pet clients, the 2 pet dogs discussed earlier are presently evaluating out their 3D printed prostheses, and Szczepańń ski states that Leto got utilized to his extremely rapidly, moving like a healthy canine while using it within simply 15 minutes of the fitting.

Labrador Leto on his very first walk with the 3D printed prosthesis.

Szczepańń ski wishes to broaden his 3D printing activity, and is presently developing a start-up that he hopes will have the ability to use ongoing assistance to animals with missing out on limbs and other orthopedic issues.

” In the future, I wish to utilize the 3D printer to produce other prostheses or fix the ones I have actually currently produced,” he concluded.

( Source/Images: Zortrax)

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