21 ways to make your sales videos more exciting (with examples)

The late, fantastic Walter Cronkite was probably the world’s most well-known newscaster. If the biggest generation will forgive us, he was likewise a bit of talking head. Mr. Cronkite might pay for to be –– in the 1960s, video was brand-new and an individual might captivate audiences simply by talking at the video camera.

Today, not a lot. Audiences have more advanced tastes and expectations. They’’ re bombarded with a continuous cannonade of amazing graphics and salesmen require more than a mustachioed face to break through.

Here are 21 concepts for making attention –– a lot of them attempted and evaluated by today’’ s leading reps.

. Individualize your videos.

Adding your client’’ s name to videos can increase views by 3x, and customization isn’’ t simply for–online marketers– Vidyard Chrome extension sales users can now do it too. Place potential customers’ ’ names, titles, and business on the fly. (Hello sales automation!)

.The walkie talkie.

Don’’ t have any Instagrammable neon quotes or walls of plants around your workplace to wow audiences? No issue. Utilize your mobile phone to stroll and take the video about the workplace, the park, or a conference –– any place the backgrounds are fascinating.

.Utilize a filter.

Filters –– they’’ re easy, enjoyable, and interact volumes. Brock Arbo of League utilizes area filters to get potential customers’ ’ attention and drive house the reality that he’’ s in their area.

Visit your possibility’’s shop.

Sales representatives at the client engagement software application company Listen360 like to catch ““ on the street ” videos showcasing them communicating with their potential customers’ ’ shops. According to the group, these videos made a 100 percent watch rate and a 50 percent action rate from accounts they had actually been attempting to break for 2 years.

.Utilize your videos to teach.

The group at Imagine BD, and IT consultancy sends out sales videos to inform instead of pitch. It’’ s a content-marketing satisfies challenger-sale technique that assists them stick out. They credit their instructional videos with increasing their win-rate 20 percent and assisting associates invest 90 percent less time on bad chances.

Add music.

Leaders at the video marketing company Storyboard Media like to include an uncommon touch of music, not to point out fascinating backgrounds, that offer their videos a charming quality.

.Utilize a white boards to diagram.

Coloured chalk works excellent too. Utilize it to describe mysterious things. Like telecom, or the web.

Use a selfie plus screen capture.

The Vidyard Chrome extension lets sales representatives tape-record a selfie and screen capture so they get face time while strolling through pitch decks, agreements, or the possibility’’ s site. In the video listed below, Brock Arbo of League strolls through his business’’ s app.


Interview a subject professional.

Offer potential customers some genuine worth by having a professional, either on your group or in your market, put down some understanding.Interview consumers, leaders on your item group, a joyful assistance associate, or, if it ’ s a must-win account, your CEO.

. Develop your brand name.

Jon Levesque, Enterprise Account Executive at the cloud application company Datadog, has actually developed a track record as an idea leader by publishing his academic videos on LinkedIn . With his sales videos flowing as material, potential customers discover him.

. Usage props.

Take a page out of Wile E. Coyote ’ s book and fill among your meeting room with props. They canvary from inane– extra-large luxurious animals– to helpful– laser tips and portable white boards– to jokes. Paste-on Walter Cronkite mustachios, anybody?


Brock Arbo of League, once again, squashing it:



We ’ ve got a forecast: Theatre arts degrees are going to remain in high need quickly due to the fact that today ’ s top-selling associates are all entertainers.Take LeadIQ ’ s Jeremy Leveille, who taped 24 custom-made tunes and raps for target accounts and netted 23 actions and 17 certified chances. Or GPS Insight ’ s Lance Holt, who made this fantastic thing:


Parody something.

Keeping on the theatre style, record a parody. Simply take a look at how Danby Appliances restarted the motion picture Anchorman or how Listen360 co-opted The Fresh Prince of Bel Air signature tune. You can constantly tape-record the majority of the video, then keep the set props around so you can re-record sectors to customize them to brand-new potential customers.


Create an entire video center.

Charity Dynamics likes to send out an entire digital present basket of videos utilizing Vidyard ’ s Video Hubs .Sales representatives there tape-record an individual video that consists of a CTA leading back to the center where audiences’can get lost in Charity Dynamics ’ own customized, YouTube-like experience.

. Employ a cameraman or female.

Moving video packed with zooms and panning shots are far more interesting than one speaker looking at a repaired cam. Select a pal and movie each other ’ s videos.

. Include several takes.

Sewing several shots together are both simple and produce a remarkable video. Simply take a look at how Storyboard Media utilizes it to provide the impression ofsomeone having a discussion with himself. Bonus takes take additional time, however if you ’ re targeting high-value accounts, it ’ s a notable edge.

. Flaunt some character.

Ryan O ’ Hara, VP of Marketing at LeadIQ, has actually cultivated an online video character that makes him additional identifiable to potential customers.’Suzi Linder has a spectacular onscreen existence thanks to her background in theatre.( Seriously. We ’ re not joking about the theatre thing.)


Record your videos in blitzes.

Do you extend prior toworkout?. Take a couple of video warmup outtakes and as soon as you ’ re all set, record videos for numerous potential customers all in one sitting with what Khadijah Plummer calls a video Blitz . “ If you ’ re not enthused, ” states Khadijah, “ they ’ re not going to appreciate what you need to state– and they definitely won ’ t enjoy your “whole’video. ”

. Nail the fundamentals.

Dress well, record in great lighting , have fascinating things to state, and constantly end with an ask .

. Share your sense of humour.

Jeff Howell, Director of Growth at the house care software application AyalaCare, likes to end his videos with star recommendationsthat are poorly-faked by style . Simply make certain it ’ s friendly, relatable humour, and doesn ’ t discuss the deadly 4– politics, criticism, pay, and faith.

. Tell your own video.

Again, it’takes a little post-production work, however if you ’ re sweating off – a restricted list of accounts, the extra financial investment can press your video throughout the limit of must-watch merit. Jeff Howell of AyalaCare tells a few of his videos, and they often go “ viral ” within potential customers ’ business, reaching the CEO and making more than 75 views.


Have more concepts? We ’ ll wager you do. Tweet us @vidyard’ and reveal us what you ’ ve got!


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