10 Best Zapier Alternatives in 2021

There is no doubt that Zapier is a pioneer in the software automation space. It helps users to connect apps, automate workflows, and thus, increase productivity. However, there are many other Zapier alternatives that offer a range of impressive features. 

In this article, we are going to explore 10 of the best free Zapier alternatives and find out about their top features, how or in which business scenario are they a better alternative to Zapier and the price of these softwares.

Top 10 Alternatives of Zapier

PiesyncAutomate.ioIntegromatMicrosoft FlowWorkatoIFTTTElastic.ioLeadBridgeJitterbitActiondesk

#1 PieSync

PieSync is a productivity tool that keeps your customer data in sync across all your business apps, 2-ways and in real time. 

How is PieSync a better alternative to Zapier?

Currently Zapier doesn’t offer two-way syncing features like version merging or version conflict resolution whereas in PieSync conflicting data is merged in a controlled way – fields will never be overwritten.PieSync detects changes in any one web app and updates the data in the other apps too, thus, keeping everything in sync.In Zapier historical data before Zapier data is turned on is not in sync whereas in PieSync, during the initial sync, they match the existing and historical data between the two systems.

PieSync - Customer data syncing, 2-ways and in real-timePieSync – Customer data syncing, 2-ways and in real-time

Top Features

2-way, real-time syncsCreate personalised rules for the syncsMap out how different fields must be synced across appsMakes sure contacts are subscribed or unsubscribed in all listsCan invite unlimited team members to PieSync

Pricing: US$49/month [Starter]

#2 Automate.io

Automate.io is a modern iPaaS platform that helps you to connect your cloud applications. You can create simple one-to-one integrations or complex workflows without coding through a drag-and-drop interface. 

How is Automate.io a better alternative to Zapier?

Easy integration setup of Automate.Io is the highlight. In Zapier the integration takes up multiple steps, and in Automate.io has a single-page drag & drop interfaceAutomate.io offers at least 3 times more tasks compared to Zapier across all plans.

Automate.io - Integrate with your cloud appsAutomate.io – Integrate with your cloud apps

Top Features

Zero coding as it is specially designed for non-technical and business users.Drag and drop interfacePre-built automation templates

Pricing: US$49/month [Startup]

#3 Integromat

Integromat is a free tool that allows you to connect apps and automate workflows using a beautiful, no-code visual builder. You can connect to any API and create complex integrations using their built-in apps and tools.

How is Integromat a better alternative to Zapier?

It uses visual representations of workflowsIt charges users per operation and provides a full-service platform at an overall cheaper price point compared to Zapier depending on your usage.Allows advanced scheduling, which allows you to run scenarios on specific day and times.


Top Features

Can visualize everything you doWhen executing a particular scenario in Integromat, all operations are logged. Most commonly used functions for text, numbers, dates and lists are available hereAllows you to retrieve data from the past as wellBuilt-in routers that let you to duplicate processed data

Pricing: US$9/month [Basic]

#4 Microsoft Flow or Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Flow is a task and process automation tool that helps connect different services and applications together.

How is Microsoft Flow a better alternative to Zapier?

It allows you to create unlimited automated workflows. However, Zapier will only allow users on the free plan to create 5 Zaps.It allows up to 750 workflow tasks to be run a month, whereas Zapier only gives free users 100 tasks.

Microsoft Power AutomateMicrosoft Power Automate

Top Features

Build time-saving workflows using 100s of pre-built connectorsUse robotic process automation to build secure workflowsBuilt in AI capabilities to automate time consuming manual tasks 

Pricing: US$15/user/month 

#5 Workato

Workato is an enterprise automation platform that helps businesses to work faster and smarter without compromising security and governance.

How is Workato a better alternative to Zapier?

Free users can use the smart trigger features, that helps to create specific and complex workflows. However, in Zapier to trigger smart workflows, you will need to upgrade to a premium plan.With large number of features and packages being offered, Workato provides scalability like no other software, including Zapier and thus it is perfect for connecting large teams.

Workato - Modern leader in automationWorkato – Modern leader in automation

Top Features

Low code integration coreModern RPA that leverages fit-for-purpose technologiesEnterprise workflow automationSmart, flexible and robust data pipelines that use insights to drive better business outcomesLow code API management

Pricing: As per requirement


IFTTT stands for the programming conditional statement “if this, then that.” It is a clolets you connect apps, services, and smart home devices.

How is IFTTT a better alternative to Zapier?

IFTTT works along with digital voice assistants (such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Siri), and smart home devices (such as security systems and lighting). Whereas, Zapier offers functionality mainly for the enterprise crowd, including hooks to services such as GoToWebinar, Amazon S3, SQL Server, TeamWave, and Zendesk.IFTTT offers mobile apps for iOS and Android. But, Zapier only has a web interface. IFTTT is geared towards mundane tasks that have one or two steps and thus the learning curve is less compared to Zapier.


Top Features

Clone and edit Applets that you created yourselfSelect multiple options for triggers, actions and queries in a single AppletBuild conditional logic using a simple UI 

Pricing: As per requirement

#7 LeadsBridge

LeadsBridge is an iPaaS solution that syncs advertising and sales. LeadsBridge enables this by focussing on delivering tailor-made integrations made upon your business needs.

How is LeadsBridge better alternative to Zapier?

LeadsBridge is an advertising automation platform for Audience Sync, Lead Generation, and Offline Conversions Sync.In LeadsBridge the customer support is through email, phone and Accounts Manager whereas in Zapier it is through just email.

LeadsBridge - Integration PlatformLeadsBridge – Integration Platform

Top Features

370+ built-in API integrations of the most popular CRMs, ESP and Marketing software Unlimited Ad AccountsAuto failure resync

Pricing: US$39/month

#8 Actiondesk

Actiondesk is a spreadsheet software that allows you to Import data from HubSpot, SQL, Airtable, Intercom, Stripe, and more. 

How is ActionDesk better alternative to Zapier?

They call themselves the combination of Google Sheets and Zapier.

Importing data from any data source (business applications, database, etc.)Manipulating, combining, and performing calculations on the data just like in Excel or Google Sheets. You get to use the pivot tables, vlookup etcTrigger actions in third party apps

Actiondesk - Access all the live data from a spreadsheet interfaceActiondesk – Access all the live data from a spreadsheet interface

Top Features

Connect the database to Actiondesk with easeUse powerful filters or view raw dataLookup function that lets you easily mix data from various softwares.

Pricing: US$20/month/user

#9 Jitterbit

Jitterbit allows to connect  SaaS, cloud apps and on-premises while instantly infusing intelligence into any business process. 

Jitterbit - API integration platformJitterbit – API integration platform

Top Features

Rapid connectivity to popular appsPre-built recipes to enable non-technical usersManagement console to monitor your integrations from anywhere and any deviceRapidly create reusable connectors to any business application with no codeUse Harmony’s elastic network of cloud agents to run your integrations 100% in the Cloud.

Pricing: As per requirement

#10 Elastic.io

Elastic.io’s cloud-native iPaaS enables organizations to enhance integration capabilities across on-premise, SaaS, IoT and Mobile systems. 

It is a hybrid integration platform that is suited for companies concerned with performance and scalability.

Elastic.io - Hybrid Integration PlatformElastic.io – Hybrid Integration Platform

Top Features

Hybrid integration platform with high elasticity and uptime speed.Intuitive designer that easily transform data between various applications.Developer friendly platform

Pricing: approx US$240/month [Self-Service – Small]

An alternative for automation tools like Zapier:If you don’t like using third-party automation/integration tools, you should consider using a fully-integrated business software suite like TeamWave

TeamWave – CRM, Project Management and HR software with Native Integration

TeamWave is a unified platform for sales, project management and HR with seamless native integration. Here are some of the benefits:

Sales and Projects: Important files can be copied from deals to projects (example: requirement document) with a few clicks. Comes in handy when you commence project delivery after winning a deal.

Projects and HR: Project admin can keep track of the performance of the employees along with appreciation received from clients and log them as private notes in the HR app. During appraisal these notes can be reviewed for better decision making.

Sales and HR: In the HR app, if you add someone as the reporting manager of a sales rep, then the reporting manager will be automatically added as a deal follower whenever the sales rep adds a new deal. This fosters collaboration and helps in progress tracking.

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