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Hello all,

so i have an interesting/frustrating problem that I'' m hoping you may be able to help with. We have a user who as soon as she classifies an e-mail, that email will up and move from her inbox to a random folder. This user remains in hr so she classifies every e-mail as it is available in and she naturally has like 100-400 folders (for every single matching employee/department/partners however her setup is not unlike our other 4 HR workers. Listed below noted are some actions we'' ve tried. she is utilizing a windows 10 PRO 64bit laptop computer with workplace 2016 32bit through our workplace 365 membership (once again this setup is not distinct and we have 400ish workers with the exact same hardware/software setup).

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reset regional e-mail profile evaluated with both cached/online profiles confirmed there are no mobile devices/shared computer systems that her profile might be linked to had user reset password Not all e-mails that are classified relocation, now this is the weirdest part (and most likely needs some more description), not all e-mails under the impacted classification color are moving it is totally randomized. We have 5 e-mails in the purple classification however just e-mail 1,4 and 5 will be moved. We have looked for resemblance'' s however absolutely nothing has been apparent enough to protrude to us (various e-mails, various topics, various senders, various native lands, various times/dates, various e-mail companies, etc) confirmed she'' s not utilizing any outlook plug-ins/add-ons validated there are no fast actions referencing the classification or folder relabelled the very first folder (included a 1 to the end) and e-mails transferred to another random folder problem just emerged after we updated her from workplace 2010 to workplace 2016 confirmed no guidelines (both in your area on her laptop computer or on the server by means of owa) ran a trace on among the moved e-mails to verify it carried out in reality get effectively provided to the users inbox (that makes sense considering that the e-mails are just moving after classification) had server admin verify there are no server guidelines that are activated by classifications (no other users have reported this problem either) re-installed MS workplace on laptop computer While dealing with MS assistance we likewise validated with them that they could not discover any factor for the classified e-mails to be moving from inbox to random folder A. changed her laptop computer (she went on MAT leave so she got a brand-new device when she returned Also remarkably prior to she went on MAT leave we were having this problem with her yellow classification nevertheless now after she'' s returned shes having the problem with purple (both serve really various functions) opened an assistance ticket with Microsoft Premier assistance and they moved her profile to another database (appeared to repair the problem for about 2 months and after that it returned)

Has anybody ever seen something like this prior to? If so what did you do to repair it? Our next/only rational choice appears to be deletion/re-create the user profile under another name? Any insight would be considerably valued.

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Thank you beforehand

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