Limit LDAP User Session / Guest Session to X amount of time per Day/24hours


Limit LDAP User Session/ Guest Session to X quantity of time per Day/24hours.

Okay been attempting to research study this for days now. And for some factor, I simply can'' t discover a service or I'' m simply googling incorrect. Truthfully.

Just a fundamental requirement, i believe, a user, whether part of ADVERTISEMENT, or a visitor user, regional user, or any sort of user to simply have a connection/session limitation PER DAY( or per 24hours). session limitation will begin after First Login of a day.

Just like in coffeehouse where a client can just utilize the web for perhaps an hour or more, then, account will be void any longer. For us, we are limiting our staff members to simply utilize wifi access to 1hour per day. They will be utilizing their ADVERTISEMENT accounts (LDAP) for login.

After 1hour, detached, then they won'' t have the ability to login once again after 24hours from very first login.

The Guest Management function need to be terrific in Fortigate. Its just for visitors. We desire the users to be from our ADVERTISEMENT. (LDAP) Can'' t utilize the Fortigate Schedule function since that'' s for a repaired schedule. The one time scheduling is not perfect considering that we have a great deal of workers.

WLC have the ” “Enable Session Timeout “”, however users can simply re-login after being detached.

Can I do that with my present network setup? Is it possible? Fortigate 500D Firewall v5.6.3 build1547 (GA)

WLC: AIR-CT2504-K9 Software:

Windows Microsoft Active Directory

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