Hyundai Amazon digital showroom

Hyundai is expanding its partnership with Amazon by launching a digital showroom. Its new Amazon page features brand information along with detailed information on the automaker’s current line of vehicles. Rather than complete the sale on Amazon, however, the site connects customers to a Hyundai dealer in their area. Car buyers now have the ability to compare pricing and reviews, book test drives, check dealer inventories and other Shopper Assurance conveniences directly through Amazon Vehicles.

As Forbes auto writer David Kiley notes, car shopping sites should be watching closely: “For now, dealers are not the ones being disrupted. But the many car-buying sites–like AutoTrader, KBB.com, Cars.com, TrueCar.com, etc.–out there are going to increasingly feel the pinch on their business models.”

“The car industry is changing, and customer demands and expectations around a frictionless, efficient and transparent experience are key drivers,” said Hyundai Motor America CMO Dean Evans. “Hyundai Shopper Assurance was just the first step in modernizing the way people shop for and buy cars. We are excited to continue improving the automotive retail experience by offering tools and access that make shopping for a car even easier.”

“This collaboration with Amazon provides customers with the ability to learn about Hyundai vehicles in a way that matches their expectations for nearly every other type of purchase,” added Tim Maxwell, senior group manager, digital marketing, Hyundai Motor America. “Hyundai and its dealers are modernizing the car buying process, so it made sense for us to be the first car company with its own digital showroom.”

Amazon, for its part, is “thrilled” to create a branded portal for a high-price category. “We’re thrilled to continue collaborating with Hyundai on new programs that work back from customers to provide the ease of discovery and research they’ve come to expect with Amazon—in this case, enabling them to easily explore Hyundai’s full vehicle line, read reviews from other Hyundai owners, schedule a test drive and more, all within one destination,” said Jeremi Gorman, Director, Global Field Sales for Amazon Media Group.

Hyundai’s showroom on Amazon.com takes prospective car buyers on a customer journey, starting with a “brand experience” page highlighting the latest in Hyundai technology and automotive innovation. From there, customers can learn about Hyundai Assurance, receive details on vehicles that fit their preferences and buying habits, read reviews and more. For the first time, customers also have the opportunity to click through directly to HyundaiUSA.com to access Shopper Assurance conveniences, including transparent pricing, flexible test drives, streamlined purchase options and a three day worry-free exchange, along with finding a local Hyundai dealer.

Hyundai first collaborated with Amazon nearly two years, in August 2016, with the launch of “Prime Now, Drive Now,” its first-to-market on-demand vehicle test drive program which allowed prospective buyers to book test drives through Amazon Prime Now. In addition, Hyundai was the first mainstream automaker to connect cars with homes using Amazon Echo and the Blue Link skill for Amazon Alexa.

Hyundai Motor America is focused on delivering an outstanding customer experience grounded in design leadership, engineering excellence and exceptional value in every vehicle we sell. Hyundai’s technology-rich product lineup of cars, SUVs and alternative-powered electric and fuel cell vehicles is backed by Hyundai Assurance—our promise to deliver peace of mind to our customers.

Hyundai vehicles are sold and serviced through more than 830 dealerships across the U.S., where the majority of its vehicles sold were built at U.S. manufacturing facilities, including Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama.


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