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Every WordPress Owner MUST Own This WP Plugin

If you wake up one day & See that your website is hacked due to Malware -  You will wish you invested $8 to be aware. WP Malware Scanner Pro can be setup once and automatically secure your website in realtime.

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How IT Works?

You Install the WP Plugin via Your WP Admin, And run it for the first time. Then it will go thru ALL the files to make sure there are no malicious files.
Once it confirms that there is no malicious files, It does what we call "Hardening" - A Process where it checks if file permissions are correct or any outer source of entry. If there is issue- It will secure and inform you. This plugin doesn't affect how your site runs or your themes or other Plugins.

wp malware scanner
wp malware scanner

How Do Most People Get Malicious Files On Their Hosting?

  • Installing Free Plugins/Themes.
  • Giving untrusted people FTP.
  • Having Un-secure Password.
  • "Freedom Fighters" Hacks.
  • Defacing.
  • Wrong Permission Files.
  • Installing infected softwares.

Benefits Of WP Malware Scanner PRO

  • You only need to run it manually first time, After that-  System runs Automatically when it detects file changes.
  • If there is any issues - It will secure and then send you a Notification via Email on any issues and how to resolve it.
  • WP Malware Scanner PRO scans EVERY possible threat and malware definitions are updated daily via the 3 APIs.
  • You can sleep better knowing that your websites are secure and contain no malicious files.
  • Normally,  Malicious files spread from ONE site to ALL other sites on your hosting account.  With this-  You are SECURE.

wp malware scanner

WP Malware Scanner PRO works on ALL Types Of Hostings

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Protects Hosting Account

Not only WP Scanner PRO scans and protects your WordPress sites but also protects your entire hosting account.

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