Was the man who discovered KFC’s big Twitter stunt a PR plant?

Back in October, the Daily Dot reported that a guy called Mike Edgette found something strange about the KFC Twitter account. The junk food chain just followed eleven other accounts: All 5 Spice Girls and 6 people called Herb. Simply puts, eleven herbs and spices.

People on Twitter were appropriately satisfied, retweeting the discovery over 300,000 times and liking it over 700,000, more than a million individuals integrated.

Edgette then relaxed and, not so patiently, awaited his benefit to coming in.

TallGrass, nevertheless, is not straight connected with KFC or Yum! Brand names. The entire concept of KFC's Twitter account just following eleven herbs and spices was really thought up by mega-advertising company Wieden+Kennedy, which represents such brand names as Coca-Cola and Old Spice.

“ We planted this on Twitter over a month back, ” Freddie Powell, imaginative director at Wieden+Kennedy, stated in a declaration launched to AdWeek . “ Frankly, we weren’ t sure if any person was going to discover it. In some cases you simply need to put things out into deep space and cross your fingers that the web will work its magic.”

So, a minimum of inning accordance with the business that produced the viral advertisement, nobody, consisting of Edgette was in on the gag.

That hasn't stopped individuals on Twitter from calling nasty. For his part, Edgette has actually likewise rejected being on the payroll of either KFC or Wieden+Kennedy.

KFC's digital marketing supervisor, Bentley McBentleson,(which,to contribute to the conspiracy talk, has a name that completely noises comprised)likewise states that claims of a scam are incorrect.

Wieden+Kennedy and TallGrass have actually collaborated a minimum of when in the past. When TallGrass produced a news release for Wiredrive , a"media properties management service,"Wieden+Kennedy was among the business it estimated in the release.

But individuals have actually likewise explained that Edgette wasn't in fact the very first to find the eleven herbs and spices Easter egg .

A lady called Laurel pointed it out 4 days prior to Edgette.

KFC follows 11 individuals. 5 of them are members of the spice women and 6 of them are

And DJ Chaz Kangas discovered it nearly as quickly as it occurred.