How Nostradamus Predicted Business Website Services . No, Really

Business website services help with lawsuits

Business website services were not predicted by Nostradamus but I wanted to get your attention.  The Miami Herald writes about websites getting hit with lawsuits for not being complaint with the law.  Which law you might ask.  The America Disability Act which impacts business websites all across the country.  In the state of Florida, it has start to affect the small business community as well.  Do you know how to get your website complaint with this law?

My Tech Manager grow with technology series has an answer for you. As a business website service, our team of experts in website development has created Blueprint 5.0.  Five simple steps on how to create a website for under 90 bucks that will bring you a website that is complaint with the law.  Save youself and business a lawsuit by learning more in this article.  You will be happy you did.

business website services to grow your website with technology

A Guide to Disability Rights Laws

To find out more about how these laws may apply to you, contact the agencies and organizations listed below. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA ...

South Florida businesses, get ready for a wave of website ...

2 days ago ... At this point, most South Florida businesses are aware that Title III of the ... necessarily reflect those of The Miami Herald and Business Monday, ...

business website services

Chaim Book  @chaimbook

Providing #accommodations for disabled employees is not just being nice, it's the law. UPS finds out hard way.…

business website services

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Heard today on radio. A deaf person used ADA to lawsuit a website for no


Small Business Survey results proving you need business website services help today

According to the Go Daddy Developer Survey 2017 , the web designer and developer industry is a leading indicator of small business health, growth globally.

As more small businesses are growing their digital presence and understanding the importance of reaching customers online, they have been investing more significantly in business website services to help them build and maintain their sites, Raghu Murthi, Senior Vice President of Hosting and Web Pro at Go Daddy, told Small Business Trends.

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Fifty percent of small businesses now hire a web professional each year, making SMBs, particularly in the retail, travel, and health sectors we found, a major contributor to the growth of the web pro industry providing business website services for SMB.

The close, interconnected relationship between web pros and small businesses means that the status of one industry is a good indicator of the health of the other, and our study found 79% web developer and designers are seeing client growth of at least 25 percent in the last year, Murthi said.

Of the 79 percent of web developers and designers that reported client growth of 25 percent or more a year, more than 1 in 3 said growth was 50 percent or more.

Things to Include in a website that a business website services company can help with


26 Things to Note Before You Develop a Website

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